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The 'Callesella' is located in the north-east of Italy, in the province of Treviso, in the splendid landscape, environmental and historical Cison Valmarino.
For an hour away from the company, (with a tolerance of 10/15 minutes more or less) we find Venice, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Trieste, in a strategic position for tourism squeezed between the Dolomites and the coast between Caorle and Grado .

The location of the company is then extraordinarily well served by three airports to choose from Marco Polo (Venice), Antonio Canova (Treviso), and Ronchi of the Legionaries (Trieste).

The company produces more than 30 years solid wood furniture in the woods of fir and yellow-pine, wood that comes exclusively from controlled
The style of the product and Collections 'Callesella', is unmistakably country, but clean and graceful in its lines so as to be inserted without any difficulty in frames modern environment, as well as opposed to design products.

The 'Callesella' is known and appreciated in Italy and abroad for the quality of its products, the materials used are all first quality and are used only water based paints with very low emission of toxic substances.
Very versatile and imaginative, our furniture are perfectly suited to any requirement of the Contract sector. A lot of the hotels, residences and resorts furnished in Italy and abroad, with our taste.

The love for natural materials, quality craftsmanship, extensive modularity of products, great value for money, customer focus, excellent after-sales service and the low impact of substitutions, characterized by always our company.
x Method
We assume the customer or from your professional (architect or others), as distinct material of requested items, plans, and anything else necessary.
Comparison with the client to determine the guidelines in relation to types and needs aesthetic and functional furnishings, and special tailoring intake compared to our standards.
Before processing a quote complete with pictures and floor plan design.
New work on the project derived from modifications and changes requested by the customer.
With the confirmation of the order, final relief of local development and final order confirmation.
Mass production of reference, final quality control, and final assembly.
The company remains available for additions, completions, and any changes resulting from abnormalities manifested by the product.

Localita' Talpone', 1-2 | 31030 CISON DI VALMARINO | TV - ITALY Tel. +39 0438/975445 | Fax +39 0438/85833

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